1. Rates:

Pricing on a confirmation is a pre-trip estimate based on the information provided at the time of making your reservation. Additional fees may apply. Hourly or wait & return trips are based upon the length of time and may include travel and/or garage time. The amount on your confirmation may not be the final price and is not the total charge until the trip is complete.


2. Cancellation Policy:

In the New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia regions, cancellations are as follows: Sedans and SUVs we accept cancellations without charge up to 2 hours before the scheduled pick up; Van cancellations up to 4 hours and Stretch Limousines & Minibuses up to 48 hours. Full-sized Coaches have extended cancellation policies. In other US cities and Canada, cancellations require 6-hour minimum notice – please check with our agent. International reservations outside the US and Canada require a 24-hour minimum notice. Cancellations not made according to these guidelines are subject to a cancellation fee up to and including full/total charge.



3. No Shows:

If, for any reason, you do not see your chauffeur, to avoid a No Show fee, immediately call us worldwide at 732.577.0023 and press # 2. For airport transfers and point-to-point services, clients are subject to full charge if they do not show at the pickup location. For client as-directed services, a fee equal to the vehicle’s hourly minimum plus all other expenses will be charged.


4. Wait Time:

For commercial airport pickup, Concorde grants a sixty-five grace period from the most recently available/updated arrival time. For private airport or FBO arrivals; we provide a fifteen-minute grace period. We do not monitor/track train arrivals. There is a fifteen-minute grace period on all train station pickups. After that, the wait time will be charged at the vehicle’s hourly rate. For all other pick-up locations, a fifteen-minute grace period will be granted; thereafter, wait time will be charged at the vehicle’s hourly rate retroactive to the original pick up time. There is specific pick up instructions for Cruise Ship Terminal arrivals. Please speak to a reservation agent for details.


5. Off-Hour Surcharges:

Off-Hour surcharges are applicable for travel scheduled or if the passenger is met between 11:30 pm and 5:29 am.

Holiday surcharge applies on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve – beginning 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm), New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve – beginning 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm), Christmas Day.


6. Gratuity:

An optional gratuity has been added for your convenience. The payment of this gratuity is entirely voluntary and may be increased, decreased, or eliminated entirely. It is also subject to your complete discretion and the terms of your travel policy.


7. Damages:

The client and/or the payer assumes full financial liability for any and all damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental. This may include loss of use of the vehicle due to any damage. A Sanitation Fee of $275.00 (minimum) will be assessed for any interior cleaning and or repair required as a result of negligence.


8. Liability:

It is critical to review your reservation confirmation in detail. Specifically the pickup date and time relative to your desired arrival at the airport. It is the responsibility of the passenger/traveler to confirm accurate updates on all flight arrivals and departures. For airport departures, suggested pickup times are offered considering optimal travel conditions and do not take into account unforeseen weather, accidents, and/or traffic patterns. Concorde Worldwide will not be held liable if any of the above conditions occur that result in not arriving at your destination on time. Rates/fees are subject to change without notice.


9. Credit Card Terms:

Credit Cards are billed upon completion of the trip. Once billed any request to change the card used for payment is subject to a fee of $5 or 5% of the total cost, whichever is greater. Any credit card “chargeback” without prior inquiry/consultation with Concorde Worldwide will result in a $40 fee.


10. Lost Items:

Concorde will not be held responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, or forgotten items of any type.


11. Snow & Ice Emergency Guidelines:


When Concorde determines that conditions are unsafe, the Snow/Ice Emergency Guidelines are put in effect. This guideline is to compensate the chauffeurs who are working longer hours, under adverse conditions, placing our vehicles, chauffeurs, and clients at considerably greater risk. If you have any questions regarding your trip, please call our worldwide phone number at 732.577.0023.

When the emergency guidelines are put into effect, the vehicles will be charged their respective rate at a 3 hour minimum. These rates will remain in effect while unsafe conditions exist. Our cancellation guidelines are adjusted accordingly.