Eliminating NJ Sales Tax – Ground Transportation Victory

Eliminating NJ Sales Tax – Ground Transportation Victory

Effective May 1, Concorde Worldwide, as well as other ground transportation providers, will no longer be required to collect the 6.875% sales tax on all trips within the State of New Jersey.

Our state industry association, the Limousine Association of New Jersey, has been fighting this erroneous tax on behalf of our clients since it was was instituted (under the Corzine administration) in 2006.

New Jersey companies and customers residing in our state were at a disadvantage since surrounding states did not collect tax on our services. Through the exhaustive efforts of the LANJ board and membership, it finally came to a heightened level of attention that we were the only provider of ground transportation that were forced to collect sales tax: not taxis, buses, or electronic transportation network companies (TNC’s). Besides collecting tax on the base fare, we were also required to collect sales tax on tolls, which is essentially tax on a tax!


We will continue to fight for inequities in our industry, the clients we serve, and to uphold the highest levels of safety, customer care, and ease of doing business with Concorde Worldwide. We will not compromise these values even though currently, New Jersey and local municipalities refuse to enforce existing laws for ALL transportation providers including TNC’s. I highly recommend you read the legal terms and conditions for any app-based service such as Uber, Lyft, etc, that you and your family may use. (Uber legal terms & limits of liability).


Your life depends on it!


Very truly yours,

Robert Bellagamba



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