Event Transportation | Group Movement

Event Transportation

Event Transportation | Group Movement

Event transportation for corporate business meetings, conferences, and conventions is a basic requirement and an essential element.

The arrangements and planning for ground transportation need to be well executed and without incident. This undertaking can quickly become overwhelming to any meeting or event planner. For this reason, the key to the event’s success is having a reputable and expert transportation company.



Selecting a Trusted Professional   

When planning for major events or conferences, it is always best to have a trusted provider of executive chauffeur transportation. Since 1984, Concorde Worldwide has provided event transportation with the highest level of reliability, safety, and professionalism. The Meetings & Groups department was established to work in conjunction with event and meeting planners as well as travel managers who require car service for high-profile executives. Concorde Worldwide understands that transporting top clientele, VIPs, celebrities, and other dignitaries raises the bar for the level of service required.

Concorde Worldwide takes into consideration all the complex requirements involved in the movement. It is vital to provide highly customized, detailed, and perfectly executed transportation. Concorde Worldwide works closely with event professionals to strategically and logistically coordinate all aspects; from group manifests, on-site logistics to seamless ground transportation. With experience and notable resources, their team can handle the most complex requirements. 


Worldwide Event Transportation 

Meeting planners must take into consideration the event location, itineraries, and schedules involved. For example, will transportation be within the domestic U.S.or international? Will car service include airport transportation, convention sites, business meetings, hotel stays, and evening dinners? 

Concorde Worldwide provides event transportation across the U.S. and anywhere around the world. The company utilizes its vast global network of highly regarded partners who service the most discerning corporations and clientele. Concorde Worldwide affiliate partners share the same common industry knowledge and values. When transporting high-level executives, exceptional service is a must! 


Luxurious Vehicles

Another critical aspect to consider is the type and number of vehicles required throughout the event. A car service must have a fleet of all sizes with late model vehicles. The company must have the capacity to organize anything from sedans for two to shuttles for hundreds of people. Concorde Worldwide understands that having a luxury diversified fleet is essential. Strategically matching vehicles to the personal style or the preference of demanding executives is important. Utilizing multi-passenger vehicles such as vans, mini-buses, coaches, and motor coaches will appeal to the larger groups.


The Professional Chauffeur

Equally important when selecting a transportation company is feeling confident about the individual behind the wheel. In fact, the chauffeur may be the only person a client will meet from the transportation company. They must fit the part of a professional chauffeur; be well-dressed, reliable, and drive safely. A first impression is essential when transporting top-level clients to corporate meetings, events, hotels, and dinners. It is critical that the driver is reliable and shows up on time, every time.


Concorde Worldwide has long-term, knowledgeable, and highly trained chauffeurs. They are experienced in handling the caliber of clients that meeting and event planners require. Many clients want privacy when they conduct business in the vehicle. With this in mind, Concorde’s professional chauffeurs know their place when dealing with executives. At any time, meeting planners can request what process and procedures the company follow for hiring chauffeurs. Concorde Worldwide performs criminal background checks by a certified agency. In addition, the company conducts pre-hire drug testing and random drug testing throughout their employment. Local, state and federal regulations require certified medical examinations. Finally, Concorde’s chauffeurs go through a mandatory comprehensive training program. Essentially when putting clients in the hands of a transportation company, they must feel safe at all times.


Innovative Technology

The company’s technology is critical to the success of providing transportation to executives and groups. Concorde Worldwide has continually invested heavily in innovative and cutting-edge technology to ensure that their team has the tools to provide high quality, dependable, and seamless car service. The company’s advanced online reservation system and mobile app provide a wealth of services. Meeting planners have access to their account 24 hours a day. At any time, a client can see all event transportation for individuals and groups. The client management and reporting system allow clients to place or modify reservations as well as the ability to obtain receipts, travel histories, billing reports, and email confirmations.

Additionally, Concorde Worldwide has a highly sophisticated software program called Trip Alerts that provide detailed notifications of the chauffeur’s status in real-time. These email and text messages keep meeting planners informed of the client’s status. For example, receive a Trip Alert when the chauffeur is dispatched; on location, the client is on board, and finally upon completion of the trip. Reassure that you are always aware of your client’s location as it is happening. Trip Alerts provide the ultimate in security and peace of mind during any trip.


Cutting Edge Technology

Concorde Worldwide is also equipped with cutting-edge dispatch technology to ensure timely and reliable service. First, vehicle tracking provides the exact location of the fleet and ensures quicker response time to any client calls. Second, flight-tracking software automatically provides real-time FAA-generated information. Third, iPads offer fast and efficient two-way communication between dispatch and chauffeurs. Not only can they communicate through the iPad, but it also serves as an easily identifiable sign with the client or company name. Dispatchers handle any situation on a moment’s notice while always prepared with a back-up plan.

As a result, leaving the transportation to an experienced and reputable company is essential to the event’s success. Removing the stress from that part of the planning allows you to focus on other areas of business. Concorde ensures that your event’s executive car service always reflects first-class, superior service that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. The end goal will be flawless planning and perfect execution by your chosen executive chauffeured transportation company.



Concorde Worldwide has provided worldwide car service and limousine transportation for individuals and corporate travelers for over 34 years. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations of reliability, quality and safety. Our wide range of services include: Corporate transportation for meetings and events, Meet & Greet personnel, Airport transportation, Weddings, Proms, Sporting Events, Concerts and more. At Concorde we only employ the most knowledgeable and highly trained chauffeurs in the industry.

Members of: Limousine Association NJ, National Limousine Associaiton, National Federation of Indpendent Business, National Safety Council

Next time you are planning your ground transportation, remember Concorde Worldwide – “Your Global Transportation Partner”.


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