Make Successful Business Travel Arrangements

Make Successful Business Travel Arrangements

Make Successful Business Travel Arrangements

There are many factors that go into making business travel arrangements. Administrative assistants and meeting planners are generally in charge of coordinating travel plans for managers or executives. Therefore, they learn quickly the importance of planning every detail and how stressful it can be. When done correctly, a travel itinerary can become the most essential part of an executive’s trip. When you are well-prepared and organized, traveling can go seamlessly. Above all, it is important to gather information and ask the right questions before making a single reservation.

Below are a few key areas to making successful business travel arrangements: 


Business Travel Arrangements

  • Ask about their hotel preference 
  • Then verify or establish a hotel rewards number
  • Consider their room preferences: smoking, non-smoking, as well as bed size, etc
  • Include details of the hotel reservation: address, phone, confirmation #, check in & check-out times
  • Also important are hotel amenities: fitness facility, pool, spa, Wi-Fi, restaurant, 24 hour room service, mini-bar

Air Travel

  • Inquire about airline preferences 
  • Include a frequent flyer number or create one
  • Preferred days and times to fly
  • Seat options: First Class or Business. Window/aisle seat
  • At time of booking, pay baggage fees and note dietary restrictions
  • Locations of airport lounges if available

Meetings and Dinners

  • First, create a detailed itinerary: meeting dates, times and locations, restaurant reservations, etc. Then send electronic copy to traveler
  • Make reservations for meals in advance. Always confirm the day or two before
  • Most importantly, make yourself available and check in frequently
  • Call credit card companies and banks and notify them of the traveler’s plans, locations and dates of travel.


  • Select a reputable company
  • Find out important details. Do chauffeurs get background checks, drug tested and are they trained? Are vehicles properly licensed and insured. Is the company open 24/7/365? 
  • Arrange transportation to and from the airport, hotel, upcoming meetings and eventsMaking Successful Business Travel Arrangements
  • Security guards are available through some car services. Ask prior to placing the reservation.
  • Ask about Trip Alert notifications detailing the chauffeur’s status in real-time: vehicle on location, passenger is in vehicle, etc. At Concorde Worldwide, our trip alerts can be sent to the passenger, assistant or spouse for peace of mind. 

It is important to gather information and ask the right questions to help you manage office travel. 

Concorde Worldwide provides live dispatch and reservation agents so our clients can contact us 24 / 7/ 365.  In addition, all Concorde Worldwide chauffeurs undergo screening of their application that includes criminal background checks, careful review of motor vehicle records, and reference checks. Also, throughout chauffeur employment, they are randomly drug tested. are performed throughout their employment. Moreover, chauffeurs must pass a comprehensive training program. This includes classroom and on-the-road training. Concorde Worldwide maintains a $5 million insurance policy for our client’s protection.


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