Special Services

Confirmations / Trip Alerts

Reservation Confirmation is emailed to the client once the trip is placed in our reservation system. A second confirmation is sent 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time and includes: Reservation #, account / passenger name, pickup date / time, pickup and drop off location, etc. We ask that our clients review all the information for the utmost accuracy.

Trip Alerts is a highly sophisticated software program that provides detailed notifications of your chauffeur’s status in real-time. Clients can request to receive all alerts or only the ones they want!

Trip Alert Options

  • Chauffeur is dispatched
  • Chauffeur on location
  • Client on board
  • The ride is over

Concorde is continually discovering ways to make our client’s travel more convenient, simplified and memorable. To “opt-in” and activate Trip Alerts, call 732.577.0023 or send an email to reservations@concordeworldwide.com. Select the alert options from the above list and request the method in which to receive them: Email, text message or both and it will be incorporated into your passenger profile. If sending to a cell number, the phone carrier name must be included.

Alerts can also be sent to an associate or family member to reassure them the vehicle is on location, the passenger is in the car, has been dropped off or the trip is over. We provide the ultimate in security and peace of mind 24/7/365.


Since 1984, Concorde Worldwide has earned the trust of funeral directors to provide the highest quality transportation during the difficult time of losing a loved one.

Our experienced reservation specialists will coordinate the logistics and work within your most demanding car service needs. This allows family members to focus on remembering and honoring those they’ve lost. Concorde Worldwide chauffeurs are professionally trained for funerals and are extremely professional, arrive promptly and dressed in black.

Concorde Worldwide can also arrange airport transportation for out-of- town visitors arriving from different parts of the country or worldwide. Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable of the entire tri-state area.

Executive Transportation Protective Services

Concorde Worldwide provides a full range of discreet, state-of-the-art executive transportation protection services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility. In developing our security program, we drew on industry best practices developed over the years. Our continuous goal is zero incidents and constant accountability to provide unparalleled service.

Whether you are a dignitary, government official, high level executive or celebrity, Concorde Worldwide will provide a wide range of secure protective services to ensure your travel experience is safe and discreet.

Offsite Executive Protective Service

Here are a few of our customized features:

  • Worldwide Executive Protection with armed or unarmed agents, chauffeurs or full protection teams.
  • Perform threat assessments and make recommendations.
  • Advance planning, organize itineraries and arrange secure transportation.
  • Total professionalism, confidentiality and reliability.
  • Security and criminal investigations.
  • Comprehensive background checks.
  • Event and facilities security, planning and management.

Onsite Meeting Security Program

  • Phone interviews with Security Directors and pertinent management personnel, project
    location/city data with Law Enforcement/ Fire/ EMS/ Hospital/ etc.
  • Onsite meeting space survey, meeting ID prep, route survey, secure material storage, security letter
    for attendees, liaison with local law enforcement, etc.
  • Secure transportation & routes, monitor client meetings and venues, issue client specific IDs, secure proprietary materials and equipment, assist in medical emergencies and transportation logistics, etc.
  • Project conclusion: insure no proprietary materials or equipment is left, destroy documents of all nonessential proprietary materials and or equipment, prepare and ship after action reports and logs for said event.

Please contact us at 732.577.0023 to discuss any specific situation to see how we may be able to assist in your personal security or other protective services.