New Curbside Airport Pickup Procedure

New Curbside Airport Pickup Procedure

In light of the many challenges faced by our clients on airport arrivals, Concorde Worldwide has implemented a new procedure for airport curbside pickup made easy & convenient! All reservations are curbside pickup unless an Inside Baggage/Meet is arranged during the booking process. For the business traveler on-the-go, it eliminates delays exiting the garage and is more cost-effective by saving the client parking fees and applicable taxes. If you are traveling within the United States or anywhere around the world, ask a reservation agent about pickup instructions in your destination city.

Our dispatch team monitors all flights through the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) flight tracking system. Concorde Worldwide must comply with the regulations of the local airport and traffic authorities. In accordance with these regulations and for your convenience, the proper procedure for a curbside pick-up at Newark Liberty (EWR), John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), Atlantic City (ACY) & Philadelphia (PHL) is as follows:

Airport Pickup Made Easy & Convenient

Curbside Pickup

1. When passenger(s) have obtained all their luggage and are ready to be picked up, call our Dispatch team at 732.577.0023.

2. Passenger(s) will be given a specific pick-up location to meet their chauffeur and the type of vehicle to look for. 

3. The dispatcher will then notify the chauffeur where to meet the passenger(s).
Please note: per airport security rules and regulations chauffeurs are not allowed to wait at the curb for passenger(s).airport pickup easy and convenient
Chauffeurs are parked in a staging area a few minutes away.

4. The chauffeur will then proceed to meet the passenger(s) at the specified curbside location outside the terminal.

5. The chauffeur will also display an iPad personalized with the passenger’s name.

Passenger(s) must be at the instructed pick-up location when the driver pulls up. Please allow time for your chauffeur to come around from the waiting area. If you cannot locate your chauffeur, call dispatch at 732.577.0023.

Inside Baggage/Meet Pickup:

1. Inside Baggage/Meet service must be requested at the time the reservation is placed.

2. All Inside Baggage/Meet pickups will be charged $15.00.

3. Chauffeurs will meet passenger(s) at the baggage claim area for domestic flights or outside of Customs for international flights.

4. The chauffeur will be holding an iPad displaying the name of the passenger (and company name if applicable)

If you do not see your chauffeur, please contact dispatch immediately at 732.577.0023.

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