Mobile App

  • Obtain rate quotes or create a profile
  • Make a reservation not only locally but anywhere in the world
  • Select preferred vehicle
  • Place, modify or cancel a reservation as well on the go
  • Obtain a final receipt, credit card receipts and reports
  • Maintain frequently traveled trips
  • View current, completed as well as upcoming reservations
  • Locate your chauffeur also within 30 minutes of the pick-up time
  • Receive an email to confirm booking as well as trip alerts
  • Available also on Google Play and Apple store

Mobile App Mobile App

Online Reservations

  • Make real-time online reservations
  • Receive instant price quotes
  • Arrange, manage or modify reservations
  • Obtain online account history, receipts and more
  • Accepts reservations that are integrated into the major GDS systems such as Deem and GroundSpan, CBT Integration through Concur, GetThere, NuTravel, Traversa, etc.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

The VTS software, installed in all our vehicles, provides “real time” vehicle tracking solutions. “Rapid update” feature informs our dispatch team of the exact location of vehicles and ensures quicker response time to client’s calls or location. Concorde receives detailed records from the beginning to end of every trip.

Flight Tracking

Our dispatch center utilizes and monitors FlightView, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight tracking.  This system automatically provides up-to-the-minute flight information. In the event there are last minute changes in air traffic and flight patterns, we can monitor, plan and adjust dispatched trips.

Integrated Fleet Software

Concorde uses the leading provider of auto repair software, ALLDATA®, to maintain their vehicles. Additionally, we utilize Ford’s Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) for our Ford vehicles. This system allows us to enter vehicle on-board computers and receive all data required to complete the diagnostics.

Confirmations / Trip Alerts


Reservation Confirmation:

An email After a client places a trip and it is in our system, they will receive a confirmed email. Twenty-four hours before the scheduled pickup time, the client will receive an additional email. This will include: reservation #, account/passenger name, pickup date / time, pickup and drop off area, etc. Therefore, we ask that you review all the details for the utmost accuracy.


Trip Alerts:

A highly sophisticated software program that provides detailed notifications of your chauffeur’s status in real-time. Clients can also request to receive all alerts or only the ones they want!


Trip Alert Options
  • Chauffeur is dispatched
  • Chauffeur on location
  • Client on board
  • The ride is over

Concorde continues to discover ways to make our client’s travel more convenient and simplified. To “opt-in” and activate Trip Alerts, call 732.577.0023 or send an email to Select the alert options from the above list. You can receive Trip Alerts by email, text message or both. When talking with an agent, they will incorporate it into your passenger profile.

Alerts can also be sent to an associate or family member to reassure them the vehicle is on location, the passenger is in the car, has been dropped off or the trip is over. We provide the ultimate in security and peace of mind 24/7/365.


DriveCam automatically records a chauffeur’s entire visual and audible trip. It is specifically designed to monitor, track and ultimately improve chauffeur performance. It provides a clear picture of how safe, professional and enjoyable a ride our customers experience.

Voice Recording


The voice recording system records and stores voice communications for employee performance. Voice logging saves all calls by time and date in the event Concorde needs to refer to them. To verify calls for accuracy, the calls are reviewed, analyzed or book-marked. After all, the system is a great tool to improve and train in all areas of customer service.