Women Travelers | Travel Tips

Women Travelers | Travel Tips

Women travelers are the fastest-growing segment among business and personal travel.

American women travelers make up an estimated 32 million who travel alone every year, according to the Travel Industry Association. Whether you are going away for business or a fun solo trip, having safety measures in place is critical. Concorde Worldwide has researched various websites and put together some safety tips. Prioritize your safety while traveling.

Plan Ahead

  • Research and become familiar with the area you are visiting.
  • The State Department publishes a list of safety levels by country. Women Travelers
  • The State.Gov website has information on every country and contact information for the closest American Embassy or Consulate. 
  • The State Department also has advice specifically for female travelers and other groups.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program a.k.a. STEP or the equivalent in your country. 

Give Out Copies of Your Itinerary

  • Women travelers should leave your itinerary with a family member, friend, or travel manager, and check in daily.

Schedule the Right Flight

  • Try to arrange your flight so you arrive during the day or when it is still light out.

Be Careful with Luggage Tags

  • Use a laminated business card as a luggage tag, so your home address isn’t exposed.

Pack Lightly

  • Dress in your business attire for a same-day meeting, wear it on the plane.
  • Always assume your luggage may be lost and be prepared.
  • Use a “Checkpoint Friendly” laptop bag that allows you to leave electronics in the case while you go through security, which reduces time.  

Hire a Chauffeured Car Service

  • Hire a reputable car service and check reviews!
  • Inquire about receiving Trip Alerts to your mobile device with your chauffeur name, phone number, vehicle type, and location.
  • Check to be sure the company is registered with their state, has the proper levels of insurance, and are appropriately licensed.
  • Verify the company is a member of their state association and national limousine association.
  • There are existing laws the Limousine industry abides by; however, some Transportation Network Companies (TNC) – such as Uber & Lyft do not enforce or monitor these laws; specifically, ownership licensing, vehicle insurance coverage and safety (vehicle) equipment, chauffeur/driver official State Police background checks, drug testing, and vehicle licensing.

Choose Accommodations Wisely 

  • Select a hotel that is well-known and reputable.
  • Reserve a room above the first floor and ask about a female-only floor.
  • Inquire about 24-hour security.
  • Be strategic when checking in. Have the reception write your room number down instead of saying it out loud.
  • Ask for female staff service if ordering room-service.
  • Secure interior door locking
  • Inquire if there are room-key activated elevators
  • Pack a doorstop alarm

Have Back-up Travel Documents

  • Keep your driver’s license, passport, as well as airline ticket in a safe place and easily accessible.
  • Print copies of your documents and give them to family members or travel manager.
  • Save your documents and including credit cards to Dropbox or Google Docs.

Keep Your Smart Phone Charged

  • Remember to keep your smartphone charged not only for business reasons but for safety precautions.

Women Travelers Trust Your Instincts

  • Know where you are going by planning early. 

Over time, you will develop good instincts when you are a solo female traveler. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous, don’t worry about offending people or being rude, self-preservation is the most important thing and to stay safe in your surroundings.



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